ILikeMangoes Easy Cultivation
"This Young Master is displeased." There is a person who is widely regarded as a living legend. "This Young Master is feeling magnanimous. Maybe if you kneel and lick my shoes, I'll let you off." There is a person whose entire bearing radiates extreme swag from the simplest movements to the slightest glance. "Nothin' personnel, kid." But more importantly, there is a person who subdued...
MoonHunter666 The Magician of Life and Death
My name is Alexander Light and I am going to tell you a very exciting story. It may sound strange and you will never believe me but I am now living my second life. In the first one, I became a Legendary Magician one of the best and strongest. However, on my way to the peak I have sacrificed far too many things but this time I am able to be the owner of my fate.
PisceanDream The Universe Conspired For Us To Meet
For him, She was a mystery... She was like an ocean with secrets hidden in the deepest corners of her heart. But he wanted to take a chance to unravel the mystery, dive deep into the bottom of her soul. He was ready to fight against the world to have her by his side. After all love cannot be one of the monotonous things of life.. 'Though this is the first ever time I'm meeting...
Coinsign Masked - The Superpower System
Marcus Million is an average high school student living in a world that is decidedly not average. It is a world where superheroes and advanced technology are daily occurrences. The only issue is that he's one of the few unlucky people out there without any powers of his own. When a villain takes everything away from him, leaving him crippled and hopeless, he is offered power in the form of an...

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