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The girl performs [Plum Blossom Melodies] To the West, the plum blossom is just a flower, but in China, this plant overcomes adversity to bloom through the snow, and according to Confucianism, represents a gentleman with nobility and integrity able to withstand hardships.

The little cute girl performs the piece naturally and elegantly as if representing that the Emperor is the gentleman who withstands the hardships and becomes the dragon.

The audience applauds after her performance. It was a piece of great music, pleasant to the ears.

A boy in the same age, stand up. Performing swordsmanship. Li Wei's eyes glint. A smirk form on her lips. Imprinting the moves the boy made in her mind. Watching is learning!

Many youths perform in front of everyone. Everyone is very talented, and the two people above sitting are very satisfied.

A man from the Nalan Clan stands up. His expression is stern.

"Emperor, is it okay to challenge someone?" He asked coldly.

"It's okay. It's okay." The Emperor said smilingly and continued speaking. "Who do you want to challenge?"

"Her." The man pointed his finger to a beautiful girl clad in white. His challenging Li Wei. He looked at her coldly and smiled provokingly.

Li Wei stood up from her seat and walk to the center, facing the man before her with a cold demeanor before speaking.

"Your gazed seem to be a little displeased with me, gentleman." Li Wei smiled. In the eyes of the man before her, it turns to be mocking him.

"You humiliate my sister, of course, I will pay it back with a tooth for a tooth."

"Oh." Li Wei said nodding. Someone wants to take revenge, huh?

"Do you accept my challenge, or are you scared?"

Li Wei laughed coldly.

"Stupid! I'm already here in front of you. Isn't that accepting the challenge? How dumb can you be?" The perpetrators gasp. All the Nalan Clan glared at Li Wei angrily. If they weren't in the presence of the Emperor, for sure they had already pounced on this arrogant looking girl.

How dare she insult the young master of the Nalan Clan!

Liu Xu and the royal siblings smiled, having the confidence that Li Wei will win the fight.

"You.!" The man shouts angrily. Veins popping in his temple from anger. This is the first time someone insulted him! Whenever he met everyone they will all bow in respect! But this girl!!! This girl simply did not give him any respect at all!

"You don't know me?" He asked.

"Do I have to know you to fight you? Are you that special?" Li Wei answered taunting, causing the Nalan Clan to be more enraged to her audacity!

Other nobles stayed there, waiting for a good show. Only the Min Clan looked at Li Wei worriedly. Who doesn't know Nalan Che? He's the talented young master of the Nalan Clan who's studying in the most famous school in the neighboring country. After getting admitted in that school, Nalan Che's cultivation expectedly turns smooth and fast, not experiencing any bottlenecks.

Nalan Che calmed his self down and smiled sinisterly.

"How about this, little missy. Let's sign a life and death contract."

Everybody gasps. It's a life and death contract!

Li Wei secretly frowned. She knew that she had met strong enemy today!

But who is she?

She is Li Wei mold by the eternal training. Meet death multiple times. She can't die here because she will kill that witch! If its experience, she would definitely be on the same level as this annoying man!

"Life and death contract? Are you sure?" She said smilingly. The man immediately felt that he should not bring up the life and death contract. His heart had an ominous feeling but then, he steeled his heart.

The Emperor and the Empress didn't speak, they watched silently.

"Of course I'm sure! Killing you right here will be my sister's happiness. You must thank us for killing you easily!"

"The fight has not started yet. So, who knows, who kills who in the end?" She said calmly, the man was t

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