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Li Wei; the four of them arrives in the foot of the mountain. They leave their carriage in the village that they have found not far from where they are. They paid the most trusted person who was going to guard their horse carriage until they come back.

"Wow, the mountain looks so lively." Qi Shuang commented when she saw all the cultivators and mercenaries ascending the mountain full of vigor.

She wonder if they will still have the same energy if they descended the mountain.

"Let's go."

Li Wei and the three people followed behind her. Feng An is very cautious but still looking flawless in her butler clothes that Qi Shuang find strange and weird. She finds Feng An's outer robe (Long Sleeve Vest) the front are too short while the back is longer. It was kinda provocative. Qi Shuang thought that it's okay since Feng An has a well define body. She finds him very good looking and attractive wearing that suit.

Feng An is wearing his butler suit because this is the only thing that reminds them of their world. The Land of Azkaban.

Meimei and Li Wei are wearing white ancient clothing, the same as Qi Shuang.

They continued to ascend the mountain. There are only lower rank beasts from where they were, since Li Wei and co., are only in the outer range of the mountain.

"Oh, oh, oh! Boss, Li Wei! Look! There's some medicinal herbs here!" Qi Shuang excitedly walked towards the bunch of green plants. This, Li Wei isn' very familiar.

[I need to find some books that contain medicinal herbs] She thought. She needs to learn about the herbs, so that if they got hurt, she can treat them. For now, they have to be cautious about their surroundings, especially they don't have a healer.

"Qi Shuang, what is these herbs?" Meimei asked curiously. Her miss didn't have time to study about herbs. For one month, they only observe the people and only know how to train their body and cultivate. No time for herbs at all.

But there's still time to learn!!!

"This herb here is an ice cold grass. This medicinal herb is used to heal colds and fever." Qi Shuang explains and put the herbs inside her bag. She doesn't have any spatial ring. Only rich people and with high status who are cultivators have some of these amazing storage ring. For Qi Shuang, it was truly unfair. How about people like them? Who's poor and can't even cultivate?

Feng An stabs the lower rank wild beast behind Li Wei, skewering the poor little rabbit who was about to bite Li Wei's ankle.

Hearing the sound behind her, Li Wei didn't turn around. Feng An already knows what to do.

"My lady, rabbit soup for later?" Feng An asked smiling. Li Wei made an 'en' sound for acknowledgement.

They continued walking in the mountains. Qi Shuang's excited voice was the only noise in their team.

"Li Wei, look! This is a rare herb! Red Lotus." Qi Shuang was about to go and grab the plant when Li Wei's ears move slightly, hearing a sound coming their way, she immediately stop Qi Shuang.


A small dagger hit the tree trunk. Qi Shuang's face paled. If Li Wei didn't stop her from moving towards the Red Lotus, her forehead might have a dagger sink into her forehead.

Seven men appeared in the distance. Their imposing stance and haughty gazes made Li Wei very dissatisfied. She won't move rashly before making sure what's their strength is.

"Sorry, Missy! That herb is mine!" The man who look like in her twenties spoke. His fine robe gave way that his from a high status family.

"We saw it first." Li Wei replied calmly.

"Who gets it first, it's theirs!" The man signalled his men to grab the Red Lotus fast before Li Wei's group could get it.

Feng An stood in front of the girls. Ready to protect them. Feng An and Meimei is a 4th-star cultivator and a Senior level magician. If they combined their cultivation strength and magic power perhaps they can even injure this people.

Li Wei was also in the 4th-star in strength c

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