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"I don't know what breed it is but this is definitely a beast egg." The shopkeeper saw her expression and immediately assure her that it was a beast egg, thinking that the lady does not believe her.

All types of beast egg have different colors but no such thing as a normal white color like an egg of a chicken.

Li Wei turned at Liu Xu. She said, "Liu Xu, can you buy me that egg? I don't have any money with me. But don't worry, I'll pay you."

'Hehe, you're a prince. Why would I pay you? You're already rich.'

"Sure. Remember that you'll pay me, okay?" He said and saw the cunning smile the girl showed earlier. She must be thinking not to pay him.

"How much is the egg?"

"Since you're the only girl who wanted this egg, I'll give it to you for only 100 silvers. That would be enough." The shopkeeper secretly sighed in relief. It's been long since the egg has been displayed there. He didn't know if it's a dead egg or not.

The shopkeeper gave the egg to Li Wei after Liu Xu pays him 100 silvers. She looked at the egg with anticipation. And in the next month, the egg would not disappoint her.

"Are you really going to just hold it like that? You're not going to store it in your spatial---" Liu Xu didn't have the time to finish his words when he notices that there's no ring in her fingers.

Seriously? She has a grand manor yet she doesn't have any spatial ring. How thrifty is this girl?

Although he keeps asking himself, Liu Xu tosses the ring that he's wearing earlier, giving it to her. Li Wei immediately caught it.

"I'm giving that to you. Keep it well." He said looking away.

"Really? Then, many thanks to sir Liu Xu." She thanked the guy and after that, slid the ring onto her ring finger. Not noticing the stare the previous owner of the ring towards her.

Liu Xu's ears was a little bit red. Yes, his ears are red.

"Are you that poor, Li Wei?" He asked teasingly, erasing the thoughts he had earlier towards the girl.

"I look rich but I'm actually poor." That's what she answered.

"Thanks again, Liu Xu. I will pay you in the future." Li Wei sincerely. This kindness, she will remember it and repay him ten folds.

"No worries. We're friends now, so you should not call me sir or call me by my full name. You can call me Xu or something." He said softly, asking himself why he's being so soft on this very mysterious girl.

"Xu it is. Then you can call me Wei."

Within the city of Jianghu, a friendship was born.


After visiting Jianghu, Li Wei and Liu return in the capital. Going home in the opposite direction. Feng An gave his lady a glance of confusion. Who is that bewitching man? Why is he with Li Wei?

Amithaba, they look good together!

If this man can protect his lady, then he would finally be at ease!

"My lady." He greeted, earning the look of the who was beside her lady. A looked of suppression that made Feng An back sweat.

"Feng An, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well?"

The heavy aura within him instantly disappear. He looked at Liu Xu then to Li Wei to answer her question.

"No, my lady. I was just too tired from training." Feng An didn't want to lie to Li Wei but the man beside her is giving him a dangerous look. Who is this man anyway? He and his lady are not a couple yet, why would this man look at him like he was his biggest rival? Aiya! Young lord, this servant didn't look at miss that way!

"Then, you should have not come to fetch me. I'll be okay going home on foot."

"If you had not come, I'll be the man bringing her home." Liu Xu suddenly spoke, chiming in in their conversation, startling Li Wei's heart. Not only Li Wei but including Feng An as well, clouding his heart with fear. He can feel that the man is strong and have a dangerous aura around him.

'What does lady do to attract this kind of man?' Feng An cannot help but asked himself. For the first time in his life, he felt more fear than her lady

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