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nkywkw > Beauty is a Beast > 12 Princess's Invitation and the Min Clan
Li Wei finds herself in the garden. Earlier, she was pestered by young ladies and young masters, wanting her to come to their houses.

The things that Li Wei doesn't like in people is, first, touching her without permission and 2nd, people that keep pestering her. She really wants to strangle this kind of people! Grrr!

"That's a nice and pretty hair ornament you got there." A weet and calm voice travel passed her ears. She turned around to find a girl in a yellow elegant dress.

"Are you one of them?" Li Wei spoke in a light tone, looking at her with narrowed eyes. She's pretty pissed off right now, and this girl happens to walked by and disturb her moment of peace.

The girl laughs and walks closer to her before speaking, "Nope, I am not the kind of person who wants to pester you." She sat down beside her. "But it would be my honor if you can attend my and my brother's birthday." She handed Li Wei a golden card, it was an invitation of Prince and Princess Ying's birthday.

"Princess Ying Lian?"

"Yes, that's my name." Princess Ying smiled sweetly.

"I watched the challenge yesterday with my brother. He was the one who commented that you're cute Miss Li."

"Oh. I can't seem to remember." Li Wei heard the man says that she's cute but she never acknowledged and looked at the person, she was so focused on Princess Yue.

"It would be my honor to attend your birthday banquet, your highness." A smile blooms in the Princess' face and nodded in satisfaction.

"Well then, I must go and not disturb you." Princess Ying stands up, her dress rustling as she makes movements.

"See you again, Miss Li."


Li Wei looked at the girl's disappearing figure. She can feel that she's the type of Princess that is kind and generous, not like Princess Yue who hides her true self in a gentle face and a warm smile.

"Miss Li." Another voice interrupted her peace. Now, it was a young man's voice.

"What is it." Her voice emotionless. Her face devoid of expression. Unconsciously, the young man took a big gulp. After a moment, he cupped his fist together and bowed before he spoke.

"My name is Min Ming. The master of the Min Clan wanted to meet Miss Li."

"And why would he wanted to meet me?" Li Wei leans her back in the tree. She looked at the man from head to toe that made the man very anxious.

"Some of us, young generation of the Min Clan saw what you did yesterday. The finishing move that you showed the crowd is one of our family's technique."

"And?" Li Wei's eyebrows curve up. "Are you implying that I stole your technique?"

"No! No, no. Miss Li, my old man just wanted to ask some few questions."

"Questions? Fine, lead the way."

Li Wei followed Min Ming. They are no classes today, and students are free to go. You decide if you wanted to stay or take a stroll around the city.

Ascending a carriage. Two people are waiting for them, probably in her age looking at her differently and a bit of shock.

"Li Wei." One of them muttered. The girl who defeated Princess Yue, leaving her with no face in front of everybody. The girl who's named became widely known inside and outside of Imperial Academy is now climbing their carriage! What is the meaning of this?!

Noticing the confused look of his cousin, Min Ming spoke to answer their questions in mind with a few words. "Old man said she wanted to meet her." The two made an answer with an 'oh.'

There was an awkward silence inside. The two exchanged glances and Min Ming just gave them a warning by making his eyes big.

He doesn't know how to talk and what to talk to Li Wei. The stillness and quietness in the carriage are suffocating the three. They were lively and noisy young youths so they can't stand the quiet atmosphere.

"Ah! Where are my manners! Miss Li, let me introduce myself. My name is Min Ru and this is Min Shi. We're all cousins." Min Ru introduces and hooks his arms around Min Shi's neck. Li

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