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It was the same pain. The suffocating feeling. The kind of pain, that demands to be felt.

The third petal is turning silver.

[Why?] She asked. She killed four people today and the 10 people she killed before was enough for one year. Why? Why it is still turning silver? What did I do? Is it because I protected someone?

The man finds the girl's attack has weakened. Even her steady feet staggered a bit.

The sky is already darkening. The thick fog surrounding Li Wei and the man. Both battered with bruises.

Li Wei felt that her whole body is aching. But what hurts more, is her heart. It's too hard to breathe.

Taking this advantage, the man stabs Li Wei. His sword sinks into her chest. She looked at him with a smile on her face.

"Ugh." The man groaned as he felt pain in his chest. There, he finds Li Wei's sword that stabs him. He looked at her red eyes with disbelief.

Li Wei pulled herself to get away from the sword. Not feeling any stab pain in the slightest. If she didn't dodge a bit, she would have been dead. The sword almost hit her pain heart.

The man lied on the ground breathing heavily. Without any word, she takes the spatial ring in his hand before walking away. Disappearing in the thick fog.

The man didn't expect the girl to take his spatial ring. He thought if the girl leaves, he will take the pills to heal his wound, but now it won't happen. He will die today, in this mountain called Lost in Wilderness.

A silhouette of a girl walking in the thick fog stumbled. She was tired, and she can't breathe properly. The wound on her chest bleeds tremendously, forming a flower in her dress.

She sat up and lean her body to a sturdy tree.

"Li Wei..." Someone called her. And that voice was all to familiar.

"Come here, Li Wei." It spoke again. Another woman's silhouette appeared in the fog.

She was about to answer that voice when another voice chimes in.

"I'm sorry, Mother."

Li Wei's eyes widened. She looked at the two familiar silhouette. It was hers and the Queen.

"What did you do?! Why did you not obey me?! Why did you not kill them!? I told you to kill them and not spared them. You disappoint me!"

"Mother, they are pitiful. They did nothing wrong."

"Silence! I will cage you in! You deserves it! A beast like you deserves to be cage! Think what wrong did you do inside the cage. Seeing your face makes me sick!"

"Mother! It's too dark here! I can't see anything!"

"Mother, I don't want to be cage! I want to see the light! Mother! Please let me go! I promise, I'll obey you! I'll do anything you want! Just let me out of here!"

Li Wei remembered this scene. She was only 10 years old at that time when she failed her mission. To slaughter everyone in the neighboring country. She was sent to wage war. Sent in the front lines to guide the whole army. Kill everyone, that was the Queen said. But she can't. The people already surrendered. The old, the yo

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