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The hawk narrowed its eyes to find a certain someone. At the same time Feng An also narrowed his eyes.

He saw a vast sea of green trees. When Feng An saw the thousands of thousands spirit beast at the view of a hawk he suck in a cold breath.

[So many!]

A puny little human like him would be dead in an instant if many of these beasts wanted to ran him over.

Ignoring the spirit beast, the hawk lowered his fly to search for Li Wei.

Feng An finally retracted his gaze and at the same when the spell disappeared, the Hawk was so confuse. It looked around him and three little question marks appeared above its head before flying back opposite to where it's going.

Feng An quickly return to the cave. He saw the three women already awake and said. "Let's go. I know where she is. Follow me."

Earlier, he found Li Wei's location. He saw her battling some spirit beasts and it seemed that his miss is enjoying fighting with them.

Although, there are many of them, Li Wei was just teasing them, not planning to kill them.

The wolves have great battle prowess and it was comparable to her strength.

One of the beast she enjoyed sparring with is the King Wolve. It can speak human language compared to its subordinate. The King wolf was the only one she can understand.

"One of the best sparring I had in my entire life!" Li Wei was ecstatic to encounter these pack of wolves. Even though they saw her, they never attacked her. They ignored Li Wei like she's just some kind of ant they cannot waste their time it.

That's when the time that Li Wei said, that she want to battled with the strongest wolf in their pack.

Several pack of wolves howl in amusement watching the fight between their King and a mere human girl.

They never thought that the girl would be comparable to their King! What a strong human!

"Mine too!" The King wolf said. For the first time, no one died from his clansmen. No one had to battle today! Now, the King's pack is enjoying themselves!

"Human, what is your name?" The King asked the girl who's gnawing a cooked tender meat.

"Li Wei." She continued to ravage the meat. She's damn happy hungry!

"I'm Wong." The Wolf King introduced himself. "And this are my clansmen." Wong continued. This is the first time he and his wolf clan really felt comfortable with a human.

"Why are you here in the outer range of the mountain?" She asked while keeping the fire on for the meat.

"Although we're strong, compared to the other spiritual beast we are weak. In the center regions, all of theme are divine beast. The spiritual beast fight is coming soon and all of us is going to the center region to watch." The Wolf King said.

"Spiritual Beast fights?" Li Wei looked up and asked the King.

"Yes. The spiritual beast fights will come once in every 100 years. Who will win in the end will become the lord of this mountain."

"You're not going to participate?"

"I don't have the qualifications." The King replied bitterly.

"Why not? Everyone can have the qualification. King Wong, do you want to be the lord of these mountain?" Li Wei burped loudly, lifting up the mood slightly.

"Now that you asked about it. I don't want to. Being the lord of these mountain have a lot of responsibility. I only need my clansmen here and being their King already has a lot of responsibility hanging on my shoulders."

"I agree. It's good to be free and have little responsibility." Li Wei nodded. Her voice turning softer.

There are 11 wolves including Wong in his clansmen. This numbers are just too few for a clan. Even though she wanted to asked, she's afraid that Wong and the others would feel offended. Wolves are proud when it comes to their kin.

"We have no place here after the previous King died in the beasts battle." Wong said noticing the girls expression. Seemingly understanding what kind of looked she was giving.

"My clansmen fight for our rights here, one by one, I watched them die."

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