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"Stinky girl." He murmured and unconsciously covered his nose. Feng An, Meimei and Qi Shuang looked at the man weirdly.

"But I like the way she answered. It completely made one speechless. Now that I remembered it, what she said is actually funny. Haha, 'you're smelling it free, why are you complaining?' If I farted, I will definitely say those if someone complains about the smell." Old Man Cheng then laugh heartily.

His footsteps halted when he noticed three figures giving him weird looks. He frowns.

"What? Is this your first time seeing a handsome old man like me?" Old man Cheng shamelessly asked Feng An and the two woman beside him.

When his round brown eyes landed on Feng An's clothing, his eyes flash but it disappeared in an instant.

Qi Shuang rolled her eyes and respectfully asked "Grandpa, who is the smelly girl?" She asked curiously. The old man was mumbling about a stinky girl and this old man will unconsciously covered his nose. It's kinda frustrating! What if she's the smelly girl?

"I met a young woman earlier. Her body is full of impurities. When I saw her, I immediately want to vomit." Old Man Cheng answered "But that girl leave a good impression on me. I like the way she answered, she directly voice out what she wanted to answer." He continued.

"Is she a beautiful woman? Golden irises like warm sunrays?" Qi Shuang probed more. The old man made a thoughtful looked remembering Li Wei's appearance. He can't really see her face because it was covered with impurities that came out from her pores but he will never forget about the color of her eyes when she opens it to glance at him.

"Yes." Old Man Cheng gave them a scrutinize looked and when he senses that these three youths have no evil intentions, he immediately gave away Li Wei's location.

"She might still be in the lake nearby." She answered Qi Shuang. "Well then, I must go. I still need something important to find."

Old man Cheng continued his walk, passing at them. He needs to find the red lotus who only blooms once every ten years!

"Let's go or we'll miss young Miss."

Just like the old man said, there's a lake nearby but Li Wei had already left.

"Boss, isn't here. Is that old man joking with me?" Qi Shuang complain as she stomped her foot on the ground.

"No, he's not. Someone was here earlier. This is young miss' clothes." Meimei said when he notice the familiar white robbed lying on the boulder.

"Let's find her. Young miss is probably searching for us." Feng An was the first one to walk out.

He clearly new that the man is stronger, it means that his miss had to transform to that white-haired and red eyes woman again.

But what can her young miss do? It's a part of her...

Going back to Li Wei, she's wearing a black dress with white belt, and in the center is an embroidered golden rose.

She's already entering the inner range of the mountain where high-level wild beast living. If she entered this territory, not only beast are the only one she's fighting, but other cultivators too.

There are blood and treasures in this mountain, if someone find it and others known that you have the treasure they will do any means just to get that from you, even spilling your blood.

These world is not dangerous, but the people is. Cultivators seeks power. They loved cultivating. They loved to be tyrannical, showing their own power. And lastly, they are greedy for treasures.

She, Li Wei, she's the same. She is greedy for treasures like a dragon, but not to the point she live for it. Also, she seeks for power not to bully the weak but to protect.

She was a tyrant, the beast in human form that everyone feared in their hearts. She was ashamed to show her face to her people. Her ancestors to the kingdom. She was really ashamed.

She longed for her mother's love but found out, she was never been her mother.

All the love in her heart for the Queen, shattered. She's given her majesty a chance but

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