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'Seems like it's a good idea to bring her here.'

If it's others, they cannot feel but to feel disgusted in the brutal fights, but this girl has such a strong stomach. Inside the arena, brutal scenes cannot be avoided. After all, it's a fight between cultivators to see who's stronger.

They can only get respect if they prove enough that they are strong than the others. This is the law of the jungle.

"Are you interested in this kind of thing?" He asked the girl before sitting on his seat. Li Wei sat beside him.

"Are you freaking kidding me?! Of course, I like this kind of thing! I used to visit this kind of places in the past!" Due to her excitement, Li Wei's face filled with glee and her lips run nonstop, making Liu Xu's smile grew wider.

Li Wei then stops talking after a while, realizing that she had already talked too much. The excitement and glee from her face disappearing returning to it's cold and calm demeanor.

"I didn't know you can talk that much." Liu Xu laughed at her causing her enchanting face turn to a beautiful frown. The girl can easily tell that he was teasing her! And...she doesn't like it!

"You must thank me. Every word said by me is gold."

Shameless! Really too shameless!

"Then, many thanks Li Wei for talking to me. I'm deeply grateful." A hint of mirth revealed in his bewitching face.

"The match is starting soon. Pay attention."

Li Wei nodded and turned her gaze to the fighting arena. Two women climbed up to the stage. They both good-looking but in her observation, both have a terrible temper. She even notices them looking at her way.

She looked at Liu Xu in the corner of her eyes. This man is dangerous but every woman who likes him are scarier! How could it not? They have a huge group and all of them consist of cultivators, plus more of the ordinary noble young misses.

"I know I'm too good-looking. I'm so happy that Li Wei is paying attention to my handsomeness." He laughed heartily. Li Wei definitely made his mood good.

Li Wei ignored the narcissistic man and enjoyed the match. It was a sword fight between the two women, they still didn't show their full capabilities.

Both are in a 4th-star cultivator, great in fighting with swords. But Li Wei doesn't know if the two are looking at her or to the man beside her. She had a thought! The two are showing off in front of him!

She let out a low ridiculing laugh. She hates people showing off to other people. If it says her, she would focus more on the fight and win the match. This is one of the strategies that can only attract a person.

These are just boob's and no brain!

"If they continue like this, are we even going to see who will be the winner?"

Liu Xu smiled. The girl has noticed that the two are playing around and just show off! A touch of disdain filled his eyes when he looked at the two people in the arena.

Girls are annoying but Li Wei is not. She was different from the other girls.


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