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nkywkw > Beauty is a Beast > 49 Imperial Hunting 1
The day of the imperial hunting has come. The students of the Imperial Academy was there, accompanying them was the Emperor and his two children Prince Ying and Princess Ying who will also participate in the hunt.

A sound of heavy footsteps was heard. Two old man wearing dark blue dresses caught the Emperor's attention. One of them is Nalan Che's master, Nan Hu and the other one is the Elder Su of the Azure Light School, Nalan Che's school from the neighboring country.

Behind the Azure Light School is the famous Heavenly Cloud Valley in the Yue Ling country, also a neighboring country of Ying Yue.

"Elder Su, Elder Xi." The Emperor called the two Elders with a smile. He slightly bowed to them and the two elders did the same.

"Emperor, thank you for agreeing that we can participate in this hunt." Elder Su said politely.

But the Emperor had his suspicion. Why would the two big schools wanted to participate in the hunt? The Emperor doesn't know the reason.

The two elders indeed has their reasons on participating in this hunt. They heard that there are two people coming down from the upper lands to secretly choose their disciples or become their successor. This is the right time for their students to have the chance to go to the upper lands and be nurtured up there.

How could they even miss this chance?

"Okay students. You must do your utmost best! Don't disappoint me!" Elder Su said to the students with a big smile.

On the other hand, Elder Xi said, "Your lives comes first. Don't do anything reckless. If you think the beast are too strong then escape. I only want you all to came back alive. You should use your brain, don't be a waste."

"Yes, Elder Xu!"


Nalan Che roam his eyes to search for Li Wei but he did not see her. Just like her brother, Nalan Han also search for Li Wei. Her heart filled with hatred. Nalan Han will end Li Wei's life in there! If she's lucky enough to kill that bitch then she'll continue living and force Liu Xu to looked at her. If not, she will gauge Liu Xu's eyes and make them a lucky charm!

I'm no pure, I admit. If I didn't like someone, I can be unreasonable or be vicious! Since I didn't defeat Li Wei I know I have no chance to win against her after that, but even an ant can defeat an elephant.

The Emperor silence the crowd. He spoke in an authoritative voice. "The Imperial Hunting will soon began. Any minute now, the curtains will open."

*Tugudug tugudug* (Sfx of a running horse XD)

Suddenly everyone heard the sound of the horse hoof coming their way. They saw three stallion ride by three young people. The black stallion one was ride by Li Wei, white one was ride by Feng An and Meimei and the last one was rode by Mu Yang and Qi Shuang.

Mu Yang decided to join Li Wei on going to imperial capital. Li Wei said today is the Imperial Hunt and Mu Yang heard before that the Heavenly Cloud Valley are participating it.

A smirk hang on to her pink lips. That woman is

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