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Did he just think that this golden-eyes girl is a dragon??

"What should our fight be? Clashing weapons? Martial Arts?"


Liu Qing gave a satisfied nod and smile. Although Li Wei can fight Ye Sa, there's still the possibility that she will suffer heavy injuries.

If it is really necessary. I will help her, but if its not, then it wasn't worth it.

The girl is determined to fight. If he intervene, he'll only face Li Wei's wrath.

Li Wei's spear materialized in front of the crowd. And as for Ye Sa, his weapon is only his dagger.

With a boom, Li Wei disappear on her spot. Her body sprint like a wild fireball towards Ye Sa.

Ye Sa prepared his self for the worst. His eyes fluttered and intently look at the on coming person towards him.

He swirl his dagger through his fingers. And with a 'clang' their weapons clash.

Her spears was so huge compared to his dagger. However, he easily blocks her attack. Condense spirit qi surrounded Ye Sa's body, overwhelming Li Wei's spirit qi.

Their weapons screeching together creating red and blue streaks in the air. The crowd did not want to get closer, they watch faraway from the two.

It was a normal fight to the netizen of the borderland but not everyday has an interesting fight like this. A 7th-cultivator fighting on the same level of a Martial Disciple. Who would win in the end? The people started voting. Some voted for their Ye Sa and others voted for our girl.

Liu Qing brought out a black jade stone that has three blood fingerprint on it. The jade stone keep vibrating and he put his own spirit qi on it. A voice on the other side sounded.

"Where are you?" Old man Cheng ask. He has been waiting for a week yet his disciples hasn't arrive yet. His friend at the temple are also waiting for them.

"Borderland." Liu Qing flatly replied to his master. His tone of voice is not respectful at all.

"What are you still doing in the borderland?" Ask by the elderly voice with impatience. Liu Qing imagine an angry veins in the old man's cheek.

"She was pick."

The other line went silent. Seemingly not believing what he has heard. Who in the f****** blind person would pick his friends disciple? He must be really blind! Old man Cheng don't blame them though. The 7th-star cultivation of Li Wei was only her human strength masking the power imprint on her body that will greatly improve her strength. However, it has its own consequences.

The old man started to worry about Li Wei's safety.

His mind wondering, who could be the person behind the imprint. It was so powerful.

"Hey, old man. Are you still there. You're not dead are you?"

Old man Cheng instantly snapped back to his senses when he heard the voice of his annoying disciple.

"You..." Before he could finish cursing Liu Qing the other line of their spirit link disconnected.

That brat! These two siblings really gaves me headache!

Li Wei let go of her spear and it voluntarily float in midair. When she wave her hand, the spear spin vigorously splitting the air towards Ye Sa.

Ye Sa was taken aback. He can see that it's attack is powerful. He didn't notice that the spear was only a diversion for Li Wei to sneakily attack him using a martial technique.

She punch the air, which is two inches distance apart to hit Ye Sa's stomach. Liu Qing was stun and the others laugh.

"What the hell. What is she hitting? Hahaha!"

"Little girl, you should go back home and train. You can't even hit Ye Sa!"

Suddenly, there was a splitting sound. The air that Li Wei had punch has cracks on it. It looks like she had just punch a barrier where there's actually no barrier.

The force in the air...actually cracks.

Ye Sa was sent flying heavily. Hitting the trees and his body sliding painfully in the ground. At the same time, the air around the area turn violent that it looks like there's a coming typhoon that sends the others flying.

Chu Lin and Mu Yang grabbed Qi Shuang both hands and thei

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