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Liu Qing shook his head. Impossible. A man like him will never fall in love with the opposite sex. If the enemy finds out that he fancies a girl. She will be in danger.

Liu Qing was a bit stupefied. He was already 21 years old this year. The males could take a wife at their 18 and can take concubines at 16. According to his age, he should have many women around him. Although, he's smiling. He doesn't really like to mingle with females who fawn at him. As long as females got near him, she would be sent flying. But...Li Wei is different. He didn't dislike her. She was his friend. He always watches her from afar. In fact, he likes to get to know her and get close to her. He likes her determination. Her skills and movements. He liked everything about him, especially her eyes. It turns out, without him noticing, he already fell in love with her.


He needed to stop it. His brother, Liu Xu, likes this girl.

When they entered the protective shield Liu Qing let go of Li Wei. Feng An looked at his miss smiling. His lips pale. If he didn't have spirit qi, he should have painted. His magic was greatly depleted after casting that high-level magic that only a summoner can cast.

"Feng An, you should rest." Li Wei's voice is hoarse. Screaming earlier makes her throat hurt.

"En." Feng An nodded and silently left. While on the other hand, Meimei supported her young miss.

"Let's go wash you up, young miss."

Li Wei nodded at Meimei. Before they left, she snuck a look at Liu Qing.

She thought, 'He's too weird!'

Why? Because she caught him staring at her with a smile on his face!

Meimei help Li Wei clean. The clear water turns red in an instant. Meimei wipe Li Wei's shoulder and help her wash her long black her that will turn white every time she became White Rose.

After her bath. Li Wei wore a dress that is completely different from the clothing of the people in this world.

This dress was red in color and it has its own hoodie. (It was a medieval vintage gothic above the knee dress) that Li Wei paired with a below the knee black boots with two inches heels.

In her back, was the two small dual swords that she usually used when she was still in Azkaban.

Meimei came out from the room first, followed by Li Wei. When the crowd saw her. Everyone look at her with curious gazes.

She was a very beautiful girl that has the aura of an immortal. What's more interesting is, her clothing!

Old Man Cheng, Old Man Su look at each other. While the Liu siblings and the three girls (Qi Shuang, Chu Lin, Mu Yang) watch the girl in a weird clothing.

"So, it is real." Old Man Su unconsciously muttered. He sighed and ordered the temple servant to prepared their dinner in the pavilion.

"Weiwei...you look." Liu Xu look at Li Wei up and down without finishing his words.

"Weird?" She question as she stared at her own dress.


It wasn't Liu Xu. It was Liu Qing who blurted this one word out.


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