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Blood dripping down from the edge of her spear. Her gaze watch her surroundings. Blood and lifeless bodies. The air smell of blood, and even Mu Yang and Chu Lin was drag in a fight after coming out in the wrecked house.

"You see people. This won't happen if you didn't send yourself in, in my territory." She started speaking, with a hint of blame in her tone. Furthermore, the wind is hot in the skin since the trees that is surrounding her home are burning.

Li Wei suddenly laughs, "Those who wants to kill me, no matter young or old! You have dug your own grave! You can all lie in them now!" She shouted. Several white roses float around her. Their stems contains spells and when it touches its target it will cut and pierce through their flesh.

Li Wei waves her hand and the roses flew to every directions killing 10 people in an instant.

Even if she was turned into a great monster after this. Li Wei doesn't care. These names won't hurt her.

Those who wish to harm her will die!!!

She was not afraid of death.

Cause if death was a girl, it would be her.

Li Wei turned her head back to Nalan Jie. If this person had the guts to show up with ill intent, he should be well prepared to face death!

"You're not dead yet, you say? Wish granted."

"Just who do you think I am? Don't take me so lightly." Nalan Jei snarled.

"You? You're not worth talking for." Li Wei charge towards Nalan Jei with increasing speeds. At the same time, Ying Lan Di took a step sideward to stay away from impact.

The collision between weapons send heavy winds in the area, causing the others to be on guard and protect themselves.

It was at this moment that Liu Xu decided to take a step forward to help but was stop by Liu Qing.

"You want to help her?" Liu Qing ask the obvious fact.

"Yes. I already considered her my friend, brother." Liu Xu replied with a snort.

"Do you think she needs your help? She might be in danger but she doesn't need your help. She had already proven herself that she can take this. She was using this opportunity to grow up." Liu Qing looks at his brother. After 3 years in staying here, he felt that Liu Xu's thinking had become lower just like the the people in the lower land.

"She had the time to escape but she didn't. She had taken down this matter onto her own hands. Besides, there are also two people here that came from the upper land. If they saw us here, it will be trouble. Relax, that girl won't die."

Liu Qing can't say anything more. He have seen her fight. Her moves are solid and her body was definitely train.

What caught his eyes are the way the roses float in midair. The heads of the enemies of her two servants, every 5 minutes, 3 heads will explode. How the hell did they do that? Did they use some kind of technique?

Amidst the chaos, the Min Clan was also there, watching in the shadows and at the same time, while they are at it. Kill those that were closer to them.

Li Wei was so engross in fighting that she was not aware that she was in pain; more was she aware her present fortitude and strength limitations, without the help of the power imprint that was in her body, she could not possibly accomplish on still fighting for so long and be on par with a Martial Practitioner. Because at this moment, she was not thinking, her current self had done the impossible and transcends her limits and entered the state on awakening her beast blood.

| "A fist for a fist, a kick for a kick. This is no different when two people fight with weapons. When it comes to combat defending and attacking is everything. You should find an opening to take down your enemies. You should know what you can do and what you can't do. If you can't fight, do not fight. Know yourself and improve. You weren't going to fight just to die, right? Remember, using defense is also the best offense to defeat these opponents. What's more, you can also use this for another strategies." Queen Azillah said tapping her templ

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