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The girls were lead by two male servants into the pavilion.

Just like their age, they began chatting randomly. They talk about foods, flowers, clothes and of course some men they had met before.

"Li Wei, what do you think about Liu Qing?" Mu Yang inquire. Her brows wiggling as she looked teasingly at Li Wei. Unfortunately...

"Liu Qing? It's good to befriend him. I can take advantage of him. I can borrow his technique and teach me. He was full of advantages." Li Wei answered seriously while rubbing her chin.

Mu Yang's teasing expression faltered. That's not what she mean!!!

The girls turns silent. They weren't expecting Li Wei's answer. They are all girls who longed to have a man beside them. Who wants some romance. But this girl...Li Wei has no romance in her very bones!

How could Li Wei know romantic love? Ever since she started her training she never thought about the opposite sex. In her mind, they are all the same. All she thinks about is how to get stronger.

And all in all, she had never witness what is romantic relationship.

Afterall, she had done things that no one will accept. Her hands stain with blood. Blood lingers through her body.

Who would like her? Who could ever learn to love a beast? A girl with darkness?

The five of them entered the pavilion. Feng An are also there. His face now returns to its usual color. Liu Xu has his lips curve up and Liu Qing had his head down. Old Man Cheng invited the girls to seat.

In the round table consists different kinds of dishes. There are, Xihongshi Chaojidan, Gongbao jiding, Yuxiang qiezi, baozi, jiaozi, Jing Jiang Rou Si and Laziji. (A: All real foods!)

They started eating. The only noisy one are the two old man and Liu Xu. And the rest are all quiet.

"Old Man Cheng, are you prepared for the upcoming chaos?" Old Man Su asked as he swirl the glass in his hand.

"Who are you calling Old Man?! You're an Old Man too?! Of course, I'm prepared!!!" Old Man Cheng answered loudly. Li Wei don't know if this old man in angry or not.

"Hey! Hey! Old Man! You're a year older than me! So, you're an old man!

Three dark lines appeared on Li Wei's face. This unreasonable childish old man! They are both elderly. Why are they fighting on who's an old man?!

She wanted to shut them up however, she felt a warm feeling rising inside her heart. You know, the kind of warm where you can see the sunshine. A warm happy feeling.

"Hey! It doesn't mean that I'm old man if I'm a year older!" Old Man Cheng retorted.

"Stop it old man! You two are no longer a children. Both are already 1000 year old! How disgraceful!" Liu Xu disdainfully said and rolled his eyes.


Two old fist knock at Liu Xu's skull. The banter ended just like that.

Li Wei and the others laugh. Liu Qing on the other hand, watch the girl laughing loudly without restraint. His lips curve into a smile.

After the dinner they've all gone to their respective room. However, Li Wei sneak o

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