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How did I end up like this? Kneeling in mung bean for nearly four hours. Her knees are in great pain. But she endures. She has done things more painful than this. However, who is that man to punish her like this?

"Little Precious~" Li Wei called out to the golden ring.

"Little Precious~"

"Yeah?" A small voice responded. Two eyes appeared on the ring, watching the beautiful scar-face and golden-eyed woman.

"Can you make an illusion that I'm still here, kneeling? I have to do something for a second."

"Ah, sure." The ring then transforms into a fairy who woke up groggily and wave her little hands. The surroundings turn dreamy and then turns back to normal. Little Precious returns to Li Wei's finger after creating an illusion.

"Just don't break it again like you did last time. But anyway, you look so cool." Little Precious drifted to sleep again.

Li Wei waves her hand and a few roses appeared on hand.

When Liu Qing entered the courtyard again, he finds Li Wei still kneeling on the ground. When he got closer, he felt something was definitely not right.

He reached out his hand to Li Wei shoulder when he did, he felt another presence behind him. Liu Qing swiftly turns around to find a rose coming towards his direction. He waves his hand to cast it aside.

Where is she?

Liu Qing looks around. Her presence disappeared.

Behind me again!

Two roses keep coming towards him but Li Wei is nowhere to find. Her presence keeps disappearing after releasing the roses.

Liu Qing closes his eyes to feel the aura in the area. There is four presence from in front, back and from the sides and all of this has the same aura. It was all from Li Wei.

Liu Qing opens his eyes and threw a dagger in the roof and jump up to avoid the roses. Just at the same time, when the roses collided at each other, it causes an explosion.

The hell, if I didn't see it closely. I will never know that the rose was envelope by spirit qi. That's why it's really fast and sharp.

Liu Qing jump up the roof and saw Li Wei sitting in a lotus position while holding his dagger between her two fingers. Furthermore, her eyes close like she was cultivating.

Liu Qing sat opposite her and his eyes narrowed. He was about to close his eyes when Li Wei's hands move to slit his throat.

Liu Qing lean backward to dodge. His hands parry off her attack. Together, their hands move swiftly. Liu Qing were deflecting all her attacks, on the other hand Li Wei threw the dagger through the air and proceeded on trying to land an attack using a knifehand strike. But to no avail, Liu Qing has successfully block of her attacks.

Golden eyes and blue eyes glared at each other. Electric current coming out from their eyes.

With a flick, Li Wei catch the dagger. To his surprise her body drew closer towards him and was taken aback. His distraction gave him an opening that made Li Wei point the dagger on his neck.

Her face is five inches closer to him. Sh

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