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"Great General Argon, I finally found you." 11 military soldiers appeared in the campsite of the Azkaban's army.

A stature man watched the people who had just arrive. His expression held a hint of familiarity and alarmed towards the opposite people.

The other soldiers in their tent came out when they heard a familiar voice. There are 11 soldiers of Azkaban army lead by Rob, and all of them are highly familiar with.

"Rob," General Argon muttered as he stared at the young man who's wearing a general uniform the same as him.

"What are you doing here?" General Argon's face is ashen. This was the person who he treated as his own son. If he was here in the orders of the Queen to kill them, he will not hesitate to make Rob and his men retreat. He did not want to kill them.

"General Argon, relax. No need to be so cautious. I'm not here to fight. Put down your hand from your weapon." Rob tried to calm the General while making a gentle gesture with his hands.

"Yes, we are in the order of the Queen. But we never intend to obey her orders." Rob said and sat down from one of the trunk.

"We are loyal to the Azkaban's Kingdom and to the deceased King. I will never betray the King's order."

"And that is to protect his child." Rob's face turn solemn. "But we failed." His voice trembled.

"I have a feeling that Princess Li Wei is returning back soon, General. We have to prepare."


"What did you say?!" General Argon exclaim.

"That's what we heard. The Queen said that the Princess is in another world. Ora is making the portal now."



That name sounds very familiar ever since I heard her name and saw her in the Kingdom a few times. Ira... Ira Thunderstorm, sister of King Argneel Fire Thunderstorm.

Suddenly, Argon's face turn white then black.

No, that's impossible. She was lock up underground never to be seen again. The King was sure that she died. Yes, Ora and Ira is just a coincidence.

"One month and the portal will open. One month and we will see the Princess again. I want to see if she's well..." Rob muttered softly.

"She's not going to be well if the Queen finds her."

"Let's go!"

"NO! If you go, the Queen will kill you. Me and my team will go back to them. Lay low and inform the mercenaries and the revolutionaries that one month after, red flag will rise towards the sky."

The General and the others looked at Rob. The mercenaries and the revolutionaries have been acting weird these past few years. These group has been moving against the dark. However, Their movement will never be unnoticed with the armies. Or even...the Queen.

"Are you the person behind their move? The mercenaries hasn't taken job from the others. And the revolutionary has been quiet." One of the soldiers said.

"No. It wasn't me. It was because of Li Wei. I don't know what she did. But when they found out what she had experience, all eyes are in the castle. Waiting to make a move. But, their movements halte

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