Sleepingpen Tests of Samsara
Samsara is a gamer that has fully immersed himself in the VR world time and time again. However, the newest game from Dreamware Dynasty may be more than he expected.
Shirokitsune Slave to the Darkness
The world belongs to the humans but what they do not know is that in the dark hours of the night there is a slave market that happens in the woods. No one knows about it except those that are wealthy and pay a fee for the membership. As the slave market moves from town to town, finally they reach its destination where they call up the buyer letting him know that they have arrived with some intriguing...
Wheels_On_Track Return of the Immortal: Becoming a Stay Home Dad
With the glint of a knife, a flash of steel in the hands of his Best friend. A betrayal. Stabbed and Pushed down the Mountain Cliff, Zhao Feng was left to die. However, After Being Pushed down the Mountain Cliff, Zhao Feng was Devoured by a Crack in the Void and was transported into a cultivation World. When he returned, only to find that 4 Years have been passed on earth. ...

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