Akuma01 The legendary Moonlight Sculptor
I do not own this the credit goes to novelplanet the only thing i did was to load it on webnovel if you wanna report me i get it
WitheringLeaf Philosophical Questions
I will post a thought-provoking question daily as well as my answer to it. It's obviously not a novel, but it's just a collection of Q/A. It's my OPINIONS towards some questions that I find interesting. So, don't hate/bully me for my writing. Have fun reading. Comment below if you agree/disagree and why. I will be reading your comments.
Alexander_Mason Waking up In Another World As A God
Leon remembered his last breathe as a nuclear warhead was dropped on his hometown. After the explosion, he woke up in a forest. The forest contained nothing out of the ordinary. After a day of wondering he gets a notification, as if he is in a game. the notification reads, "Invasion in 3 days," a timer counting down.
brderluwi A Kiss of Blue Moon
A moment of escaping life takes Kao into an islet called “Serenade”. Kao Earwyn Cullen is an elite Casanova that is tired of living in a usual way until he met, Asia Marcelline. A woman with one of a kind heart that made Kao’s heart into loyalty. Falling in love will always be formed despite of hidden secrets.

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